I am an amateur food pornographer.

That’s kind of my thesis statement. I started this project as a sort of recipe-blog for over-the-top sounding food, the kind you wouldn’t eat everyday if you were concerned with your cardio-vascular health. I even had a “threat level” involving a “Nom Bomb” rating and everything, but that proved to be a bit much. When I found myself spending more time figuring out the “scorecard” for what constituted each rating than actually cooking and blogging, I threw that system away.

So now I just try to take gratuitous close-up shots of food that I’m preparing, eating, or about to dive into. Most of the time this is a new/interesting food that I’m cooking at home. If I can get the lighting right (and I manage to avoid annoying the girlfriend too much) I might snap some shots in a restaurant once in awhile too.

So that’s it! Check out my posts!



Every photograph you see on this blog will have been taken by me, so please don’t download the images and use them for anything else without my permission (and especially not for any commercial purposes).


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