Fall Apple Confections! Part 1

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Longstanding cultural traditions have told most of us that fall season is harvest season. Of course, thanks to modern agro-business and the complexities of globalized, industrial farming almost any Sunday trip to your typical affluent-country supermarket can be harvest season. But this is a blog called “Nom Threat,” and my name isn’t Michael Pollan, so we won’t be getting into that here.

So however disconnected we may find ourselves from the fruitful soil, we’re still very happy to get into the harvest spirit and love ourselves up some Autumnal Bounty. In modern day New England (I live in Massachusetts) what this translates into is apple-picking season. Most of us don’t farm anymore, but the concept of “the harvest” is still alive and well in how we view the fall. Apple picking on a local farm is a way to get a brief little commoditized slice of what it’s like to really reap a harvest–the kind that 400 years ago would be the difference between surviving the winter and starving to death.

Today however, 30 bucks gets you a bag, a tractor ride and access to row after neatly-trimmed row of low-hanging, ripe apples!

Tractor ride! Wee!

Easy transit to easy pickins!

Clearly labeled!

People in the orchard.

Wandering through bountiful rows.

Indeed, these days the problem is making sure you actually eat that big pile of apples before it turns to mush.

Bag o' Apples

Currently in their non-mush state.

The photos above are from an apple-picking outing with my parents and my girlfriend. We went to Parlee Farms in Tyngsborough, MA. If you’re in the area, I’d recommend it. Though it was a little crowded (like anywhere this time of year) there were plenty of apples to pick, and they were all delicious.

Plus bonus: mom baked an apple pie!

Apple Pie

Golden-baked fall nummy nums! Mmmm…

Thematically, this is just great as well. I mean look at that thing. It’s a huge pile of sliced apples, sugar and flour that’s just barely contained by the pie crust surrounding it! It rivals the cornucopia in its ability to convey a warming sense of plenty; it is itself a little celebration of the Harvest Season! What makes this pie a lot more fun is that now there’s a narrative behind it. First, we went out to where the apples were. Then, we picked them off the trees and brought them home. Finally, we peeled and sliced them, dropped them into a crust with some sugar and transformed them into a warm, cozy fall treat!

Huzzah! Let us feast, for we have reaped the harvest and it is time to revel in its bounty!

And also to put a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on it!

Ice Cream and  Apple Pie!

Warm pie. Ice cream. Oh man

More apple goodness incoming!

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